Distant Healing

“My life was literally chaos. I was having debilitating panic attacks. I began to do long distance phone counseling with Dr. Deutsch and my life turned around. He is a genius at identifying and dissolving old patterns. Since I started working with him I have stepped into a noble part of myself that allows me to not only enjoy life more, but also to help my family, friends and patients.”
~ Clara Martin, Acupuncturist

Energy can nether be neither created nor destroyed, but is constantly being regenerated and re-scattered – Basic Law of Thermal Dynamics

For those who need immediate relief and are unable to travel to see the doctor in person, long distance phone healing sessions are ideal. In the privacy of your home, you will be able to talk  and experience the healing relief and relaxation. Energy healing can give a boost to the immune system, metabolism, and state of mind. The doctor raises the vibrations of others allowing them to better cope with illness and emotional crisis.

Just as if you were a patient in the office, you will be sent a health intake form which  Dr. Singh will go over before your appointment. Our office will schedule a phone appointment for  you consisting of consultation and or remote treatment.

If you suffer, he can assist where others could not. If you seek peace, he can help you find your way. If, like me, you’re an artist, go to him to find creative inspiration and you’ll be amazed at how your own creativity flows!
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