Dr. Dharam Singh

Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch, PhD, LAc, is a Qigong Master, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, herbologist, and licensed acupuncturist. He has attained the renowned title of Qigong Master and is a highly regarded specialist in the field of holistic healing.

Dr. Singh is best known for his unique approach to mind-body treatments – a synergistic blend of Eastern and Western healing modalities that go beyond the treatment of surface symptoms to incorporate all aspects of a patient’s fundamental well-being. Adhering to the principle that no two patients are alike, Dr. Singh calls upon his extensive background in a multitude of healing disciplines to embrace an approach that addresses the root cause of disease while respecting the individuality and integrity of each patient.

Faculty picture at American Liberty University. L-R: Drs. The late Bijan Pakzad, Dharam Singh,  Jimmy Delshad, Mayor of Beverly Hills, and  Kevin Soltani, President of ALU



Dr. Singh is a faculty member at American Liberty University, drawing upon an extensive background of training, education and research. He has atained post graduate doctoral and professional degrees in Acupuncture, Herbology, Traditional Oriental Medicine and Yogic Healing, bringing to the holistic healing arts a rich knowledge of many disciplines. A master teacher, he possesses a deep understanding of Eastern, Tibetan Buddhist and Taoist medicine, alchemy, kundalini yoga and meditation.

Dr. Singh has served as a consultant, trainer and lecturer on meditation, relaxation and stress relief techniques for hospitals, private industry and film studios. As part of his ongoing commitment to the healing and empowerment of the community at large, Dr. Singh founded the Shin Bu Shi Kan Academy which serves to train both youth and adults in meditation, yoga, Qigong and martial arts techniques as a way of reducing stress, enhancing self-awareness and strengthening the mind-body connection.

  He has studied with some of the most eminent luminaries of the healing and martial arts world, including Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bajan, Yundan Trinley Dorje Rinpoche, Grand Master Chin-Sheng Tu, Grand Master Zhou Ting-Jue, Grand Master Kenneth Pennland, Dr. Qiwei Zheng, and Dr. Meredith Chunyi Qian.

Dr. Singh and Honorable Yudan Trinleu Dorje Rinpoche

His study of Eastern and Western medicine, along with an extensive, multifaceted knowledge of the healing arts, underpin his unique approach to health and medicine. In a short time, his accomplishments and manifested energetic capabilities firmly established him as a Qigong Master Healer among those with whom he studied. He was also honored with the spiritual name Dharam Singh, meaning “the lion who fearlessly walks the path of spirituality.”

Throughout his study both at home and abroad, Dr. Singh was able to witness, first-hand, the incredible potential of alternative approaches to healing — not just in the temporary regression of symptoms, but the comprehensive and lasting benefits achieved through treatment of a patient’s mind, body and spirit.

He has continued to refine his approach to holistic care through the ongoing study and application of healing practices from cultures around the world. In time, his accomplishments in the field of holistic healing gained media interest, leading to a variety of exclusive television, book and magazine exposure. Dr. Singh’s unique approach to total patient care has been featured in National Geographic magazine, several film documentaries focusing on the power of Qi, Channel 17 Santa Barbara, International Daily News, The Beautiful Malibu Homes Book, Kung Fu magazine, Sing Tao Daily News and numerous Asian television programs.

Dr. Singh demonstrates his energetic capabilities both abroad and in this country. Here he bends 9 iron rods held by Grand Master Tu, which are pointed at his throat while bricks are broken on his back.

Currently practicing privately in Southern California, Dr. Singh continues to see patients and uses a holistic approach to disease and pain management, addressing each patient’s individual needs, with an emphasis on both physical and spiritual healing that assures long-term relief.