Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Lack of Energ, and more…

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“Traditional western medical treatment didn’t help me. I had no energy was always struggling to maintain focus and consciousness. I had no energy, I would fall asleep several times a day for up to four hours. I had poor stamina and was always out of breath. My circulation was poor and my hands and feet were always cold and purple. After recieving the care of Dr. Dharam Singh, my hands and feet are warm with regular color, good circulation, I have much more energy, can maintain focus for longer periods f time and do not fall asleep during the day anymore. My stamina is entirely better; I can now run up a flight of stairs carrying a 30lb bag of books without getting winded.”
~ Omkara Dasa, Vedic Priest, former Air Force officer

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, toxicity, organ disorders

For the first time in 18 years I am well !!! I had tried everything western, alternative, you name it. On top of all the physical issues the whole thing brought me to a place of negativity and hopelessness. I am now back in my recording studio, have energy for my Grandchildren, and for exercise. My spirit is back to a place of light. Dr. Singh’s abilities are profound, miraculous. I am so Truly Great-Full.
~ Lynn Castle, Madelyn Von Ritz, Recording Artist

Overall Health and Vitality

I was feeling weak, tired, and depleted from sitting at the computer for long hours. After being treated by Dr. Dharam Singh  I  have more strength, vigor, and control, I feel solid and complete. Study and treatment with Dr. Singh is really helpful, especially for those on a spiritual path. This  really helps one to not be distracted by day to day busyness that can otherwise take life force from your Spiritual Path and Sadhana. Dr. Singh gives you very valuable tools that you will use for the rest of your life.
~ Gauda Candra dasa, Vedic Priest

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