Healing Philosophy

Dr. Singh restores wellness. He educates each patient. He does not treat the symptom alone, but rather includes the root cause of the imbalance which precipitated the symptom. It is only when balance and homeostasis are restored that cellular life energy is able to flow freely through the mind, body and spirit, creating a state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


We are indeed fortunate to live in a society where the wisdom of ancients is being combined with the rigors of western medicine creating a holistic approach to our achievement of an optimal state of well-being. It is to that end that we welcome you.

Your treatment begins before you even see the doctor. Each patient receives a complete health history form which we ask for you to complete and email back to our office. Dr. Singh studies this form before he sees you and determines which of your individual systems, organs and lifestyle patterns are out of balance. He researches the medications you may be taking to ascertain their side effects and their possible interactions with herbs he may prescribe for you.

“Many patients come to me looking for something that can successfully and non-invasively treat the problems that other methods have not been able to treat. The mind and body have untapped and unlimited restorative healing power. My job is to remove the blockages to that natural healing power and empower the patient to live a life of health, happiness and well-being.”
~ Dr. Dharam Singh

Pain, illness and disease are the degenerative result occurring when a person’s life is out of balance. The result of this imbalance is toxic, blocked, stagnated and negative energy which wreaks havoc on the various body systems:  Immune, Endocrine, Metabolic, Circulatory, Digestive, Neurological, Reproductive, Respiratory and Skeletal.  This toxic, blocked energy manifests differently from person to person, depending on individual DNA, personality, history and lifestyle.