Intuitive Counseling

Working with Dr. Singh has shown me new realities. My strength, both physical and emotional, has reached heights I never dreamed of. I now come from a core within myself of great strength and self acceptance.
~ Iacopo Watcher, International Marketing Director of Mondo Inc.

All of us have periods of time during our life that seem confusing and anxiety riddled. These are periods which hold a great potential for growth for they encourage us to find new and better ways of being.  Dr. Singh uses his intuitive abilities to access information beyond the reach of the conscious mind.

During the counseling sessions Dr. Singh can assist you to release the emotional blocks that can lead to illness, depression, anxiety and confusion. A movement of energetic structures occurs, destructive patterns are brought to the conscious mind and those that do not serve you can be discarded.  This enables you to open your subconscious pathways and reach higher levels of awareness and enlightenment through the expression of your Higher  Self.

Through the guidance of Dr. Singh you are provided with opportunity to access and experience your deeper truth.

It was by a fortunate turn of events I made Dr. Singh’s acquaintance and came to know him as a person of rare abilities and character. But it was during a recent personal crisis the amazing healer this man truly is was revealed to me. Flawlessly, he guided me from the brink of a very frightening place to greater emotional, physical and spiritual strength and balance than I have ever known.  I sincerely hope that other people in need can be so fortunate to find him, for they will also discover greater abilities within themselves, and discover in him the honesty of a true friend.
~ D.H.