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Chronic Back Pain

“I had chronic back-pain for years and I had to see a doctor 2-3 times a week. I was told not to move my back certain ways and the worry occupied my thoughts and made me stressed, as well as limited the way I lived my life. After working with Dr. Singh for a month my back pain, and my weekly doctor’s visits, went away. Seeing Dr. Singh saved my life and my back. I now have tremendous energy, and I don’t worry about my back any longer. And Dharam: I also love the way you teach!” ~ Doug Massey, Massey Computer Systems

Knee Pain

“The doctor told me that I needed knee surgery because I had  two torn meniscus. I was in extreme pain which limited my life.  I sought the advice of Qigong Master Dr. Dharam Singh. In just one treatment my knee felt better and the pain was gone. It has been three years now, my knee is still healed and I never needed  surgery.” ~ RC, Therapist

Back Pain

“I’ve studied with Dr. Dharam Singh for over three years and the qigong that he teaches is the best I’ve experienced for alleviating chronic back pain.” ~ Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Chiropractor


Knee pain and relief from post…


Diabetes, Sciatica, Back Pain


Digestion and Sports Injuries


Back Pain and Surgery Prevention

Jesse Peterson

Eliminating Chronic Fatigue…


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I was having debilitating panic attacks until my life turned around when I began Remote Healing with Dr. Singh. Since working with him I have stepped into a nobler part of myself, allowing me to enjoy life more while helping my family, friends and patients.
C.M., acupuncturist