Study With The Master: Qigong

If you suffer, he can assist where others could not. If you seek peace, he can help you find your way. If, like me, you’re an artist, go to him to find creative inspiration and you’ll be amazed at how your own creativity flows!
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Starting August 19 – December 16, 2019, Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch will be teaching a Qigong class at Copper Mountain College (CMC) on Monday nights. Please contact our office or the Community Education Department at CMC to enroll.

This Class will be experiential and provide a deeper understanding of how energy moves in the body and fields. It will also facilitate a deeper ability to work with the energy within.

“Dr. Singh is a powerful Qigong Master. His down-to-earth tone is the power to touch the heart and to awaken generosity and faithfulness. His spiritual words are clear, engaging and compassionate to all humanity.”

~ Yundan Trinley Dorje Rinpoche

“I’ve known Dharam in a past life. He was a Master in his past life, and he is a Master in this life. Anyone who studies with him will advance to new levels. I highly recommend Dr. Singh to all, and especially any student who seeks to improve his or her spiritual and physical being.”

~Grand Master Chin Sheng Tu

“ShinBuShiKan is a destination on the pathway toward the evolution of life on earth. Dr. Dharam is the sentinel for the light that holds the space for life energy to flourish through one’s being into life. Dr. Dharam is a deeply dedicated practitioner of the energetic healing arts.”

~Gary B. Strauss, Founder of Polarity Healing Arts of California

“Working with Dr. Singh has enhanced my physical abilities, general health, level of energy, and overall physical strength. Our discussions have enhanced me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From Dr. Singh’s words and teachings, I have received far more than I ever could have imagined. I plan to continue working with Dr. Singh for a long time to come. Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch is a great teacher.”

~ Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

“I have know Dr. Dharam Singh for many years and consider ShinBuShiKan one of the preeminent Dojos where expert internal arts training and Kundalini yoga combine to create immensely powerful transformative teachings that produce students of strength, stature, caliber and clarity.”

~Harijiwan, Senior Teacher of Kundalini Yoga

Women’s Health & Recovery…

Krishangi Dasi

 Fatigue and Life Change

Gauda Chandra Das

Weight Loss, Energy, Good Skin…


Recovery from nerve damage…


Alopecia, Digestion & Weight Loss


Diabetes Remission & Sciatica…


The study and practice of Qigong benefits the mind and body in a number of ways. Special exercises are used to cultivate and enhance Qi, the vital life force energy of the body. These are just a few of the benefits that people notice right away:

  • Increased energy, vitality & peace
  • Reducing stress & the harmful effects of stress
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the immune system
  • Improving concentration & the focus of creative intelligence
  • Keeping the spinal column & joints lubricated and flexible
  • Increasing circulation & promoting good posture
  • Recovery from chronic illness

In 1997, Dr. Singh founded Shin Bu Shi Kan Academy, dedicated to the teaching of Meditation, Energetic Sciences and Qigong. His years of experience in the spiritual practice and mastery of energetic arts translates into powerful life applications for students in his classes, workshops and one-on-one instruction.

At the cornerstone of his life’s work is his devotion. What comes forth is his ability to understand, guide, and direct whether working one-on-one or in a group setting. This ability enables the student to integrate and harmonize the mind and body thus achieving new levels of personal power, communication, physical and emotional well being, internal peace and affirmations of one’s purpose and destiny.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, The Center For Energy Medicine is an oasis from the everyday. The doctor seamlessly merges eastern traditions and western science to bring results, peace and healing.

Dr. Singh teaching Vedic Priest, Omkara Dasa

Dr. Singh teaches Qigong to television and radio personality, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson.