Due to popular demand, we wanted to make our top 5 best-selling herbal formulas easily available.

Each formula is made with a custom blend of traditional Chinese herbs. Below are formulas created to help anyone. Individually specified blends can be made just for you for any issue you need addressed. Also available is one of the finest nanoemosified CBD Oils on the market today.

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For Centuries, the Royal Physicians of ancient Chinese dynasties developed herbal medicines, not only to lengthen life by successfully treating illness and disease, but also to increase the virility and longevity of their Emperors and their families.

Herbal formulations, having been researched for thousands of years, produce no side effects and create no dependency.

Herbal formulations treat common ailments such as stress, depression, allergies, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and digestive issues, as well as auto-immune diseases, diabetes, hypertension and everything in between. 

With a custom herbal formula not only can the primary issue be helped, but often secondary and tertiary issues as well. This is done by choosing the right herbs and dosages specifically for you. You can think of it as off the rack verses custom tailored to fit like a glove.

Contact us to schedule an over the phone Herbal consult. Also ask about our Brain protocol for peak mental performance, our workout protocols for peak physical performance, our pain protocol to resolve issues of pain and help get off pharmaceutical pain medication.

Lastly, ask about our spring cleanse, New Years Cleanse, and Fall colon cleanse. 10 and 21 day cleanses that can be done anytime of the year. 

Strength and energy formula

The combination of the herbs in this formula are powerful for strengthening the entire body and increasing energy. It tonifies essence, the spleen, lungs, heart, blood and primal Qi while generating fluids and calming the spirit. While providing the body with increased energy, this Ying and Yang herb tonic also addresses issues of impotence and supports the immune system.

Stress and anxiety formula

Created to help your body release stress and achieve nervous system balance and peace. Can help with feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, overthinking, PMS symptoms, and is known as herbal Prozac. This formula works by nourishing the blood, spleen, and liver and soothing the liver Qi so that it flows smoothly, eliminating stress and negativity.

Digestion formula

Proper digestion and elimination are crucial to overall good health. Therefore, by improving digestive health, this formula also promotes good health for the entire body. This formula tonifies the spleen and clears damp from the body. When the spleen is working properly, healthy digestion will follow. This formula will regulate Qi to ensure that energy is flowing freely throughout the body. Specifically, it is indicated for IBS, loose stool, food poisoning, and diarrhea. As always, this formula address the root cause of the issue as opposed to simply treating the symptoms. This formula also works great as a hangover cure!

Sinus and allergy formula

We have been using this formula in the clinic with incredible results. Multiple patients who have had to take Claritin for years stop using Claritin after taking only one bottle of our Sinus & Allergy formula. It is primarily indicated for allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, sinus congestion, and sinus headache.

Thicker healthier hair formula

This herbal hair formula is suitable for both men and women. It contains blood and Qi tonics so while it promotes hair growth, it also helps with vitality and longevity. Additionally, it is useful if there are issues of fatigue, general weakness, dizziness, brittle hair and nails, blurred vision, and/or alopecia.

Sleep formula

One of the best things anyone can do to heal your body while ill and to promote peak health in general is to regularly have a good night’s sleep. This formula nourishes the blood in a way that calms the mind and spirit, leading to a state of deep, restful sleep.

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