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“My life was literally chaos, I was having debilitating panic attacks  I began to do long distance phone Healing with Dr. Deutsch,  and my life turned around. He is genius at identifying and dissolving old patterns. Since I started working with him I have stepped into a nobler part of myself that allows me to not only enjoy life more, but also to help my family, friends and patients.”
~ C. M., Acupuncturist

Panic Attacks, Digestive Disorders

“It was by a fortunate turn of events I made Dr. Singh’s acquaintance and came to know him as a martial artist of very high caliber, and a person of rare abilities and character. But it was during a recent personal crisis the amazing healer this man truly is was revealed to me. Flawlessly, he guided me from the brink of a very frightening place to greater emotional, physical and spiritual strength and balance than I have ever known in a very short period of time. I sincerely hope other people in need can be so fortunate to find Dr. Singh, for they will also discover greater abilities within themselves, and discover in him the honesty of a true  friend.”
~ D.H.

Release of Negative Holding Patterns

 Working with Dr. Deutsch has shown me new realities. My strength, both physical emotional, has reached heights I never dreamed of. I now come from a core within myself of great strength and self-acceptance.”
~ Iacopo Wachter, International Marketing Director of Mondo, Inc.

Relief from Insomnia Anxiety


overcoming chronic fatigue……


Eliminating Chronic Fatigue…


Charles shares his healing journey


My strengths, both physical and emotional, have reached heights I never dreamt of. I now come from a core within myself of great strength and self-acceptance.
Iacopo Wachter,
Int'l Marketing Director