Frozen Shoulder

I recently saw Dr. Singh about a frozen shoulder after not having much luck with western doctors. His work with me, along with the herbs that he provided, have made an immense difference and I am well on my way to a full recovery. I highly recommend him – his compassion definitely comes through – he is sincerely interested in helping you heal.
~ Betsy K.

Women’s Health & Recovery From Surgery

When I first came to Dr. Dharam I was completely depleted both mentally and physically from two major surgeries. Every time I was ovulating or having my periods I was in excruciating pain. Now since Dr. Dharam has been treating me I am a completely different person. My periods are more regulated with practically no pains at all. And my energy level also has increased tremendously. Now I feel like doing stuffs. Before I had no liking or desire to do anything. I really love his method of treating patients which although very natural one can see very quick results. I very highly recommend Dr. Dharam to anyone who has any kind of health problems. He is the one!!
~ Krsangi D.

Debilitating Fatigue

I went to Dr. Singh as my last resort before giving up hope. I was initially intimidated by the fees, which were very straight-forward, but I am a Batista and part-time student. My intuition told me to go for it and give it my full commitment and Dr. Singh immediately earned my confidence to do so. It hasn’t always been easy to commit to my treatment, but Dr. Singh is big on teamwork and is unlike any other doctor I have encountered. This man cares about his patients and really knows his stuff. I have had debilitating fatigue for years. In less than 3 months I have gone from barely getting through my work week to taking classes and running and hiking- and trust me I was a bad case! My skin is better, my sleep is better and I have hope that I will be accomplish all my goals. I haven’t felt that in so long.I now consider Dr. Singh not just my doctor but a friend. Commit to his treatment and never look back.
~ Alex H.

Thyroid & Chronic Fatigue

Dr. Singh is one of the best doctors I have ever visited. I have had so many bad experiences with other doctors that to finally get treated by Dr. Singh was a welcome breath of fresh air. From the very first visit I felt immediate results and improvements in my health. I have recommended him to all my friends. Everyone who has visited him has experienced the same amazing results too! Thank you Dr. Singh!
~ Omkara D.

I started to see Dr. Dharam Singh about a year and half ago for physical shoulder ailments and since it has been like peeling an onion. He has opened up new windows into the mind/body connection and introduced me to the ideas of emotional and physical ailments being completely interrelated. He has brought my body both physically and mentally back to a healthy state, I used to get colds really easily and have terrible digestion problems and I have not been sick for a year now. I have chosen to continue working with him on a general upkeep basis and as a therapeutic outlet. He is wonderful and makes me feel at ease and calm despite whatever chaos is happening in my life. I have learned so much from him in the year and a half I have been working with him not only about myself but about effective ways to live a content, happy, healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend him!
~ Alex R.

Hemiplegic Migraines

“I came to Dr. Singh suffering from hemiplegic migraines (headaches that mimic the symptoms of a stroke) for 3 ½ weeks straight. I had had migraines like these since I was 8 yearsold, but not so intensely, and not so many a day (up to three per day), and not so many days in a row. I had gone to my local ER numerous times, and they had given up on me. I had gone to regular medical practitioners, and they, too, didn’t know what else to do. I felt I was on my own. Lucky for me, a friend of mine told me about this amazing healer named Dr. Dharam Singh. Upon arrival at Dr. Singh’s office, we had a brief conversation during which he asked me why I needed my migraines. I have to be honest. No one had ever asked me this question. Thus began my treatment with Dr. Singh which not only rid me of my migraines within one month of my first visit to him, but also relieved my of acute symptoms of all kinds, making my life much more livable (everything from backaches to depression). Not only that, he’s taught me how to maintain my own health so that I am not dependent upon him. He has …and guided me through many types of healing approaches (from writing to painting). I will continue to go to Dr. Singh as much for my mental and spiritual health as for my physical well-being. He is a true healer, and I cannot recommend his services highly enough. If you suffer, he can assist when everyone else throws their hands in the air. If you seek peace, he can help you in finding your way. If you’re an artist, like I am, go to find creative inspiration and you’ll be amazed at how your own creativity flows!f you suffer, he can assist when everyone else throws their hands in the air. If you seek peace, he can help you in finding your way. If you’re an artist, like I am, go to him to find creative inspiration and you’ll be amazed at how your own creativity flows!”
~ Jenny R, Recording Artist

Knee Pain and Avoidance of Knee Surgery

“The doctor told me that I needed knee surgery because I had  two torn meniscus. I was in extreme pain which limited my life.  I sought the advice of Qigong Master Dr. Dharam Singh. In just one treatment my knee felt better and the pain was gone. It has been three years now, my knee is still healed and I never needed  surgery.”
~ RC, Therapist

Quit Your Smoking Habit

When I walked out of your office I did not smoke since.  Funny, I didn’t even struggle with it.  Today it didn’t even cross my mind once!  The hard part is gone, and as of today it feels like I never was a smoker to begin with.
~ Arman Martikian, Judo Expert


I highly recommend Dr. Dharam Singh! I went to see Dr. Singh for the stress I was experiencing in my neck and jaw (TMJ), and immediately felt comfortable and relaxed due to his kind demeanor and loving presence. He took the time to answer all my questions. And just through that discussion, I learnt so much about good eating habits and the right nutrition for me. Dr. Singh recommended simple but effective exercises that I could do daily to assist me in keeping my neck and jaw relaxed. After this comprehensive discussion with me and fully understanding my health issues and needs, Dr. Singh invited me to lay on his table and started to masterfully work on me using a combination of many different healing modalities, including energy medicine & acupuncture. It was a lovely experience and I felt I was being cared for and treated on many different levels – not just the physical. After the session, my neck and jaw stress were gone. I have also been feeling much more grounded and centered since the session and my sinuses also opened up during the session, something I had not even gone to see Dr. Singh for! I have been feeling much more balanced physically, emotionally, and mentally after the session.

What I like most about Dr. Singh is that he doesn’t want his patients to become dependent on him or any doctor for that matter. And so his treatments and sessions are designed to help his patient’s heal whatever it is that they need to heal and get to a point where they can take care of themselves so that they don’t need to keep returning to any doctor. This is an extremely rare quality.

Thank you Dr. Singh! Thank you for your sincere devotion and dedication to helping people transform their lives through your healing sessions.
~ Usman

Chronic Back Pain

“I had chronic back-pain for years and I had to see a doctor 2-3 times a week. I was told not to move my back certain ways and the worry occupied my thoughts and made me stressed, as well as limited the way I lived my life.
After working with Dr. Singh for a month my back pain, and my weekly doctor’s visits, went away. Seeing Dr. Singh saved my life and my back. I now have tremendous energy, and I don’t worry about my back any longer. And Dharam: I also love the way you teach!”
~ Doug Massey, Massey Computer Systems

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“Traditional western medical treatment didn’t help me. I had no energy was always struggling to maintain focus and consciousness. I had no energy, I would fall asleep several times a day for up to four hours. I had poor stamina and was always out of breath. My circulation was poor and my hands and feet were always cold and purple. After receiving the care of Dr. Dharam Singh, my hands and feet are warm with regular color, good circulation, I have much more energy, can maintain focus for longer periods f time and do not fall asleep during the day anymore. My stamina is entirely better; I can now run up a flight of stairs carrying a 30lb bag of books without getting winded.”
~ Omkara Dasa, Vedic Priest, former Air Force officer

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Toxicity, Organ Disorders

For the first time in 18 years I am well !!! I had tried everything western, alternative, you name it. On top of all the physical issues the whole thing brought me to a place of negativity and hopelessness.

I am now back in my recording studio, have energy for my Grandchildren, and for exercise. My spirit is back to a place of light. Dr. Singh’s abilities are profound, miraculous. I am so Truly Great-Full.
~ Lynn Castle, Madelyn Von Ritz, Recording Artist

Back Surgery Recovery

Dear Dr. Singh,
I cannot thank you enough for helping me through the recovery from my back surgery. When I came to you I was extremely depressed and needed a walker to get around. I had no energy and was in severe pain. After seeing you for just one week, I threw my walker away, my energy came back, and my pain was diminished. I am now starting to do the exercises you gave me and they are really helpful. You have given me my life back and I will always be grateful to you.
~ H. S.


“My life was literally chaos, I was having debilitating panic attacks  I began to do long distance phone Healing with Dr.  Singh and my life turned around.  Since I started working with him I have stepped into a nobler part of myself that allows me to not only enjoy life more, and also to help my family, friends and patients.”
~ C. M., Acupuncturist

Menstrual Problems, PMS

“For the last 25 years, I had awful painful periods, irritability, and headaches for two weeks out of every month. After my first session with Dr. Singh, my painful periods were gone and I slept through the night for the first time in years. My headaches are also gone and I continue to do the Qigong exercises he gave me. ~ G.

Panic Attacks, Digestive Disorders

“It was by a fortunate turn of events I made Dr. Singh’s acquaintance and came to know him as a martial artist of very high caliber, and a person of rare abilities and character. But it was during a recent personal crisis the amazing healer this man truly is was revealed to me. Flawlessly, he guided me from the brink of a very frightening place to greater emotional, physical and spiritual strength and balance than I have ever known in a very short period of time. I sincerely hope other people in need can be so fortunate to find Dr. Singh, for they will also discover greater abilities within themselves, and discover in him the honesty of a true  friend.”
~ D.H.


I am eternally grateful to Dr.Singh! I am happy to say that after a very short period of time I am now 100% Alopecia free. Before my visits to The Center For Energy Medicine I used to wear a hat for so long, trying to hide my bald spots… Today my hair has completely grown back and I am truly amazed at how fast I recovered. My digestion issues are completely balanced as well. With Dr. Singh’s help, I have completely changed my eating and sleeping habits which in turn has eliminated the sudden waves of body heat, fatigue and low energy I used to have before his treatments. I am truly thankful of Dr. Singh and the Center For Energy Medicine for the great work! God Bless!
~ Andre A.

Weight Loss

Heaven-Sent Both my husband and I were very frustrated with our health and the prescribed medications that while they might take care of one problem they hurt you in several other areas. So for sometime we had been wanting to find a Doctor that practiced Natural Medicine. When we heard Dr. Singh on-line we were so happy to hear that he practiced Natural Medicine but also to hear him so knowledgeable. We have learned a great deal and continue to learn from him. We learned that our health can improve enormously by simply eating healthy! And when you need extra help there are natural herbs that Dr. Singh can formulate or find for you! We went through the 21 day detox, my husband’s sugar level dropped quite a bit and wow we felt so much better, with more energy, our sleep improved and we even lost weight (I lost 40 pounds in 3 months) which was like the icing on the cake! We Thank God for Dr. Singh and highly recommend him to everyone! Blessings to Dr. Singh!
~ Isabel G.


Dr. Singh helped me deal with post-menopausal issues like low thyroid, frequent hot flashes and disrupted sleep. He mixed herbs for me that I called my “tea”. I noticed right away that it was good for me to sit down for “tea time”- a quiet moment for me. I also began listening to music while I drank the tea. Within a short time I was sleeping better and felt more relaxed.

The best part of working with Dr. Singh is that we are able to do some of the work by phone and email after the initial consultation. And, I can order 6 months of herbs so I have a consistent plan.

It’s been a year now that I’ve worked with Dr. Singh and I’m very pleased with my health. I have more energy, my concentration is better and I now have my husband on his own special tea for his arthritis and health issues so it’s a time we can enjoy together. His biggest surprise in working with Dr. Singh was the personal phone calls to ask how he’s feeling.
~ Georgie

Energy Medicine

I saw Dr. Dharam Singh once a week for a period of six months. Every week I would look forward to spending time with this gifted practitioner and extraordinary man. I found just being in his presence to be healing and comforting and he always had a way of getting right to the core of what I needed to address, whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual. We would vary the the time spent together, sometimes we would go over a Qi Gong series he had taught me, or learn a new one, do a table session consisting of acupuncture and/or Qi Gong energy work… and after a few weeks he began to teach me the basics of ‘grappling’,  and I have to say how surprised i was by how powerful the grappling work is and how much I enjoyed it. The table sessions were always extremely powerful and I would leave there with a sense that a deep and important shift had taken place within me. The sense of calm and clarity I have following one of the table sessions is something that I always look forward to. During the period of time that we worked together Dr. Dharam suggested a 21 day detox that not only made me feel 100 percent better, but also changed the way I look at food and how I eat…. and that shift has stayed with me. 
I’ve worked with many wonderful healing practitioners and Dr. Singh is among the very best.

I highly recommend experiencing all the wonderful things he has to offer.
~ Troy R.

 Release of Negative Holding Patterns

Working with Dr. Singh has shown me new realities. My strength, both physical emotional, has reached heights I never dreamed of. I now come from a core within myself of great strength and self-acceptance.”
~ Iacopo Wachter, International Marketing Director of Mondo, Inc.

Sports Injuries

My name is Jack and I’m a Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-jitsu practitioner, I have been seeing Dr. Dharam Singh for all my sports medicine injuries which consist of sprains, tears, fractures an breaks. I have also been treated for yearly allergies that normally would last for months, but after being treated and taking herbs that Dr Singh prescribed  the allergies would literally be gone within a week.  I have suggested Dr Singh to family and friends and they always thank me for the referral.
~ Jack T.

Back Pain

“I’ve studied with Dr. Dharam Singh for over three years and the qigong that he teaches is the best I’ve experienced for alleviating chronic back pain.”
~ Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Chiropractor

Overall Health and Vitality

I feel solid and complete. I  have more control, strength and vigor.

Study and treatment with Dr. Singh is really helpful, especially for those on a spiritual path. This  really helps one to not be distracted by day to day busyness that can otherwise take life force from your Spiritual Path and Sadhana. Dr. Singh gives you very valuable tools that you will use for the rest of your life.
~ Gauda Candra dasa, Vedic Priest


“I was taking Claratin for years to control my allergies and help with my frequent sinus infections, almost anything would set off my allergies. The treatments and herbs that you gave me have worked wonders: my sinus infections and allergies are gone.
~ O.T.


I was having debilitating panic attacks until my life turned around when I began Remote Healing with Dr. Singh. Since working with him I have stepped into a nobler part of myself, allowing me to enjoy life more while helping my family, friends and patients.
C.M., acupuncturist