Traditional Chinese Medicine

Oriental medicine views the body as a complete energy system, charting the meridians, pulse points, and organs of Qi life force energy. It is rooted in the ancient Taoist philosophy view that the body and mind interface with one another and have the capacity to balance or unbalance each other. Thus traditional Chinese medicine is the first recorded system which views and treats the person holistically. This holistic system of healing is excellent for treating physical, mental and emotional problems, as well as preventing illness and maintaining optimal well-being.

The concept of the body as an energy system is not a new concept to us. We often use the terms “low or high energy” to describe our physical stamina, or characterize a person as having “negative or positive energy” that affects our well being, or the word “energized” to describe our state of emotions. Intuitively we are aware of energy and we are aware of whether we have an abundance or lack of it.

It is unfortunate that there are times when Western medicine in its effort to treat the symptom can cause harmful side effects that are very difficult for the patient to endure. While medical Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine do not have harmful side effects, it is important to use the best of all medical traditions. For example, a burst appendix needs emergency surgery and not medical qigong, or acupuncture. But the latter is immensely successful for rapid healing and restoration of stamina after surgery.

Herbal Medicine

The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth [Ecclesiasticus 38:4-5]”

For centuries, the Royal Physicians of ancient dynasties developed herbal medical formulas, not only to lengthen life by successfully treating illness and disease, but also to increase the virility and longevity of their emperors.

• Herbal formulations eliminate symptoms by treating the root causes of illness.

• Herbal formulations strengthens the organ systems and brings the body into balance.

• Herbal formulations treat common ailments such as stress, depression, allergies, pain, fatigue, anxiety and digestive issues, as well as auto-immune diseases, diabetes, hypertension and everything in between.

Herbal formulations, have been researched for thousands of years, produce no side effects and create no dependency.

Dr. Singh helped me deal with post-menopausual issues like low thyroid, frequent hot flashes and disrupted sleep. He mixed herbs for me that I called my “tea”. I noticed right away that it was good for me to sit down for “tea time”- a quiet moment for me. I also began listening to music while I drank the tea.The best part of working with Dr. Singh is that we are able to do some of the work by phone and email after the initial consultation… I’m very pleased with my health. I have more energy, my concentration is better and I now have my husband on his own special tea for his arthritis and health issues so it’s a time we can enjoy. Georgie R ( yelp review )

Dr.Singh is an amazing healer. Not only is he knowledgeable in medicine, he makes amazing tonics that is simply extraordinary. He is like the physician to the emperor of ages of old. Robert C ( yelp review )

I thank Dr. Singh, my teacher and mentor of more than eight years, for making a significant impact on my life. My mind is clearer, my body feels lighter and my energy level is higher.
Jack Toufenkchian,
Ju Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts expert