What Is Medical Qigong?

Dr. Singh and Chief of Medical Qigong at International Training Institute in Beijing China

Dr. Singh has attained the rare title of Medical Qi Gong Master Healer.

Qigong pronounced “Chi Gong”; is an ancient Chinese energy healing art. Qi (or chi) means life force, or vital energy. “Gong” means work, self-discipline, achievement, or mastery. Medical Qigong is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that was used to treat the members of the Royal Palace through out Chinese History.

Today medical Qi Gong therapy is very popular in Chinese hospitals. Years of rigorous scientific investigations have proven the validity of this treatment. Qigong Doctors are rare in China because they are specially trained Chinese medical doctors, who have gained Qi mastery. This often takes thirty or more years of study with a Qi Gong Master.  Medical Qi Gong is not only for treating and curing an existing illness but has proven to be beneficial for the prevention of disease as well.

Dr. Singh teaching medical Qigong to doctors and other health care professionals

The Chinese have found Qigong to be an effective way to treat many illnesses. Chinese doctors have applied Qi Gong in hospitals and clinics to treat individuals suffering from a variety of ailments. Medical Qi Gong has successfully treated cancer and reduces the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Qigong can help one fight virtually any disease. Through Qi Gong, patients can cure many of the diseases that Western doctors dismiss as untreatably psychosomatic.

Dr. Singh is revered in China for his Qi Gong Expertise. In this photo, he is demonstrating the use of projecting Qi to bend a steal bar  pointed at his throat.  This is the same Qi that Dr. Singh projects to his patients  to increase the life force of Qi and to remove emotional  and physical blockages to their health. The result is increased energy, decreased inflammation and balancing of their yin and yang forces.

Pain, illness and disease are the degenerative results which occur when a person’s life is out of balance. The result of this imbalance is toxic, blocked, stagnated negative energy which plays havoc on the various body systems; immune, endocrine, metabolic, circulatory, digestive, neurological, reproductive, respiratory, skeleton,  The form that this toxic blocked energy displays varies from person to person depending on their, individual DNA, personality, history and lifestyle.

I was having debilitating panic attacks until my life turned around when I began Remote Healing with Dr. Singh. Since working with him I have stepped into a nobler part of myself, allowing me to enjoy life more while helping my family, friends and patients.
C.M., acupuncturist